Mónika Jenei


  • I finish what I start
  • I am empathetic, socially sensitive and I like to cooperate with others
  • I work very thoroughly, I try to look at the whole context and all points of view of a task


  • Nearly 20 years professional experience in international environment
  • Specific ergonomic knowledge (BOHS certificate) and project-experiences
  • Organization of several behaviour based safety programs
  • Extensive auditor experience


  • Excellent employee award
  • Wolf Emil prize* – Simultaneous development of ergonomics and productivity
  • Wolf Emil prize* – “Pit Lane for the Soul” pilot program for assessment and management of psychosocial risks

* Innovation award of Chinoin Zrt. (Sanofi Group)

In my free time I

  • hike and climb mountains,
  • draw and paint,
  • watch art and documentary movies.

Why Pro-MEES?

  • I have contact with many different industries and see lot of different technologies which widens my horizon.
  • Each partner has its own EHS-culture and working with them means a new challenge every time.
  • My job is my passion and here I can devote all of my working time to it.
  • I never work alone here, every new partner brings new colleagues to our team.

István Szőcs

ADR safety adviser
EHS expert
lead auditor
Work safety engineer
environmental and hidrotechnologist


Katalin Szikszai

environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser
hazardous industrial administrator


Sára Smucz

Environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser


Éva Szőke

Environmental engineer
Work safety consultant


Vivien Tóth

MSc Environmental Engineer
BSc Expert in Applied Environmental Studies
Health and Safety technician
Safety adviser for the transport of dangerous goods