Our Company

more than 10 years on the market
presence in 19 counties
more than 200 partners
30 professional area
more than 10000 completed SDS
Partner audits over 200

With nearly 10 years professional EHS organization supporting experience, the PRO-MEES team was specifically established to provide new ways and innovative solutions in Hungary by unique tools, methods and approach, creating a comprehensive professional basis for its partners.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers.

The head and the professional leader of the firm is Szőcs István, who is a highly experienced, professionally well-known person in the Hungarian business life.

The firm considers it very important to select the most appropriate colleagues. The PRO-MEES team consists of young and dynamic, highly-educated, highly-experienced professionals specialized in this field, who speak languages and who regard their occupation as their profession so as to discover new ways and new possibilities, as well.

The dynamically innovating firm has a national coverage in Hungary, and its basic principle is to provide responsible and thorough performance with a wide range of services, meanwhile, it undertakes a task only when the customer is committed to have a continuously maintained system of safety technology. The firm feels it very important to provide a direct, dedicated professional for the customer, who is able to cooperate with and senses the problem as his own.

Our firm supports our customers on different levels:

It provides general environmental, workplace and fire safety services so as to make time management of the company management and the employees even more effective.
It provides special, expert assistance for tasks, which customer has not enough professional experience or resources.
It provides unique, innovative solutions for the tasks in the field of EHS, and support for reaching significant acknowledgement.


  • you would like to know how workplace safety improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process, how the introduction of LEAN tools influences workplace safety targets,
  • you would like to take a step forward in solving a postponed or stopped problem and you need the help of a nationally and internationally highly-experienced, young and dynamic team,
  • you are searching for innovative and prospective solutions for improving your workplace, fire and environmental safety performance,
  • you would like to receive information about new and emerging professional fields and tasks,
  • you need highly-educated, autonomously acting professionals who support your work with their personal appearance and connection system,
  • you have no free capacity for quality work for a greater project or task
  • you need assistance in making a certain decision,

then we feel appreciated to share our well-developed knowledge with our colleagues supporting them in reaching their targets.