EHS software developement

Our developed EHS softwares the BIZMUT programs

The purpose of ourfirm is to develop such solutions in information technology, whichare based on our practical experiences and which let the professionals search for real solutions for their professional challenges instead of getting lost in the sea of data.

Our tools perfectly fit to the LEAN-controlled efficiency-increasing programs.

Our introduced, customizable packages:

E-waste facility

  • A continuously updated system for making the information providing and labelling obligation, furthermore, the management of different Excel listsof waste management easier
  • Barcode identification of waste, labelling, weighing, recording their formation and ways of management, customized statements and data providing

E-instructor entry

  • Quick and effective entry system, which allows every visitor and subcontractor to discover the safety culture of the site so deep as they wish
  • It provides a possibility for a photo identification of every entering person
  • It is a flexible system, subcontractors may be informed about any changes very easily
  • It is a modern system withprofessional data management and electronic education composed optionally.

E-MSDS-management system

  • Database software for managing and generating data, documents, labels and operational directives of chemical substances
  • Uniform and up-to-date revised safety datasheets and chemical substance labels, optionally composed search engines and queries, collective data extractions, remote updates, automatic system messages, mobile phone accessibility of information and documents
  • General viewing
    • Data sheet search engine
    • MSDS (SDS kéne ide)data sheets
    • Operational directives
  • MSDS operator
    • o Label printing
  • System administrator
    • Data amendment
    • Detailed search engine
    • Collective data export

E-task management

  • Software for supporting daily monitoring deadlines, action plans and tasks, for sending automatic warning messages and querying task statuses
  • Easy to use and customizable system for the already existing monitoring, that is suitable for comparing more task-lists


  • Beyond traditional classroom-teaching and screening presentations, we provide the availability of relevant documents and important information through mobile devices as well, which information is in the form of small but substantial messages and packages.
  • Our target is to transfer information effectively, making sure that the user has picked it up.

According to the demand of our customers, our toolbar has been widening; we are preparing e-work authorizing unit, e-LOTO. Forthe emerging problems, we provide flexible, convincing professional and information technology services.