Authority administration

National Public Health and Medical Officer Service authorizations

While obtaining administrative authorizations for chemical substances, it is not easy to find our ways in the messy electronic systems and to keep the correct order of the notifications.

Since the last years, we have managed the official administration of the obligatory authorizations and notifications with high level of the customers’ satisfaction.

We are at your service, if you need help regarding:

  • the notification of the activity licenses to the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service–when starting an activity (usage, storage, manufacturing, etc.) with dangerous substances or mixtures, and in every other case, when there is a change in the activity type, or a new agent gets into the scope of application; a notification shall be given via the online interface
  • the registration of dangerous substances/mixtures at the NationalInstitute of Chemical Safety–every manufacturer of dangerous substances and mixtures, or all entities who import these substances to Hungary (involving imports for their own consumption, as well)are obliged to notify the competent body of the Hungarian National Public Health Center- National Chemical Safety Institute via its online interface.
  • querying the register of dangerous substances
  • other authorizations of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service.