Workplace safety

Workplace safety – how we see it

Recently the fields of workplace safety have become separate professions. This means that for fulfilling every professional task, only one responsible person isnot enough, but there should be a serious professional support behind him. Safety of machines, electrical safety, ergonomics, chemical safety and workplace psychology are separate fields of workplace safety, which are impossible to manage in appropriate quality and depth at the same time with one hand. Thus, for up-to-date information and real improvement of workplace safety it is essential to have a dedicated professional (internal or a subcontractor or both) or rather a team should be there for the employer.

90% of accidents or unwanted events are caused by human faults and negligence. In spite of most workplace safety professionals, when conducting incident investigation, we go through this level and discover the reasons of human faults, as well. We think systematically, and consider the companies as complex mechanisms, where human fault is a visible mistake in a certain process or several other processes.

As we experienced, the field of workplace safety is as an important element and internal operator of a long-term sustainable professional firm as any other professional field. It is a kind of base, which is essential for building a firm and providing its survival. Thus, we work for making the processes of improving efficiency and workplace safety compatible.

What we provide for you

We help and support your firm so as to discover and fulfill its workplace safety requirements, and to create and develop workplaces as well as company processes.


Our firm supports its partners on different levels:

  1. At our partners, fulfilling general workplace safety requirements, so as to make company management and time management of employees even more efficient
  2. To fulfill special expertise tasks, for which our partners do not possess enough professional knowledge and resources
  3. Providing innovative and unique solutions for tasks and challenges in the field of EHS, and support for gaining exceptional appreciations

Contact us, if…

  • you have a question or need professional advice on a certain topic or preparing a decision
  • you would like to take a step forward in solving a postponed safety problem and you need a new momentum to speed you up
  • you have met certain new fields of workplace safety and would like to receive information
  • you are planning a greater conversion or a project and you would like to receive continuous workplace safety support
  • you would like to know how LEAN and workplace safety can be accommodated, or
  • you are searching for innovative and progressive solutions for improving workplace safety performance of your company.

Our services:

  • to implement the specific tasks of the workplace safety representative of the company
  • to record, to investigate accidents at work, to prepare prospective accident statistics and to define the implementation of remedial measures
  • examination of the machines and equipment from a safety point of view before entry into service, periodical safety technology examinations and inspections and its documentation
  • regular internal overviews and visits, systematic approach in management
  • to prepare internal workplace safety regulations (workplace safety rules, procedures, working instructions)
  • to prepare, to supervise workplace safety teaching materials, to organize trainings
  • to actualize workplace risk assessments, and to keep them up-to-date
  • to organize and do workplace surveys
  • to do lifting-machinery administration
  • to control and manage subcontractors’and implementing partners’ work
  • to do official administration, representation of interests
  • monitoring legislation

The most important pillars of our success:

  • We have been working for companies as responsible professionals and managers for a long time, thus we know that our partners need achievable, economic and successful solutions.
  • You can see us not as an external advisory, but as a success-oriented colleague
  • Our target is to build up and introducetangible, simple systems which are based on experiences.
  • We consider continuous communication and sharing information very important.
  • So as to improve safety, besides the weekly routine, we think in a long-term, strategic advice, as well.
  • Through our colleagues and wide professional network, we can control the solution of safety technology tasks.
  • Our target is to relieve our partners and, in their weekly routine, to help them in the decision-making process