Environment protection

Environment protection at a company level–not only for „the greens”

We believe that contradiction between the proposed action so as to improve the companies’ environmental protection performanceand the companies’ economic targets is not as massive as many of the decision-makers believe it today.

We search for the possibilities for discovering and utilizing sustainable environmental values with a solid commitment.  Our experiences have proven that the utilization of these may result in significant savings.

The relationship between the companies and their partners, such as neighbors, the local government, buyers, parent companies, investors, etc. may be improved easily by simple environmental actions or changing the approach. In the long-term, the quality of these relations may be essential for a company’s survival.

What we provide

Our services

  • To implement the specific tasks of the environmental protection representative of the company
  • Full environmental protection administration (waste management, air, water and noise protection)
  • To monitor legislation, its evaluation and determination of the measures related
  • To investigate and manage environmental protection events and non-conformity
  • To organize environmental protection surveys
  • To make records, data collections, to develop electronic registration system and software
  • To establish an environmental management system, to make regulations, to assess environmental factors and effects
  • To operate a management system, to organize and make internal audit procedures
  • Official administration (authorizations and data providing)
  • Giving advice on the environmental product tax
  • To provide support on residential forums
  • Energy audits

Contact us, if…

  • You are uncertain about the environmental protection requirements and their fulfillment related to your site
  • You would like to improve your company’s environmental protection performance, you would build up or refresh KIR of ISO 14001 but you do not know how to do that
  • you would like to map and restore a past environmental pollution on your site, or
  • You search for an innovative software solution for doing administration of your environmental registers or to provide data