Consulting on transport of dangerous goods (ADR/ADN)

Due to its complexity and difficult regulations, on the border area of environmental and fire protection and workplace safety, transport of dangerous goods often goes unnoticed by the companies involved, although, almost every company is obliged in some form to comply with the requirements of this regulation. The aspect according to which the transporting company shall hold the responsibility of the compliance with the responsibilities of ADR is faulty, because it may take over the compliance with the responsibilities of both the consignor and the consignee, as well.

On one of the most controlled fields, which is sanctioned with one of the highest fine imposed, your transport related processes should not be left to chance! Experts of Pro-MEES help you comply with the requirements.

Parties involved:

  • companies, which
    • are consignors or consignees of dangerous goods;
    • transport, delivery and forward;
    • handle loads or do storing activities while transport;
    • load or unload transporting vehicles;
    • do the packaging of dangerous goods.
  • In most cases, dangerous waste shall be treated as dangerous goods, thus every consignor of this dangerous waste shall be included in the scope of the legislation.

Our experts have acquired their ADR advisor qualification among the first ones, and since 2002, they have been supporting our constantly increasing number of partners in the field of secure transport of dangerous goods.

Furthermore, our advantages are:

  • Advisory activities in several means of transport
  • Process performance, which fulfills the management system
  • Regular appearance at the sites, personal contacts
  • Several decades of experience, qualified, large team of advisors
  • Upon request, 7/24 availability

Our services:

  • Safety advisory activity on ADR/ADN
  • Classification of dangerous goods, selection of packing containers
  • Preparation of the rules of the treatment and transport of dangerous goods, which contains tasks, procedure and responsibilities, furthermore, the transport conditions, as well
  • Preparation of a customized database for the transport of dangerous goods, upon request, providing software-aided services (generating transport documents)
  • Preparation of a resource document for the control and the treatment of the transport process of dangerous goods
  • To have regular controls on the sites, and to make consultations
  • Personal attendance at controls by authorities
  • To organize trainings for employees involved in the transport activity
  • To check the joining subcontractors, and third parties, and to provide professional support in the selecting process