EHS behavior-based safety programs

Have you ever experienced that despite of the fact thatall safety processes, technical factors and training of the employees seemed to be alright, suddenly an accident happened? Have you met the question of which steps to do to increase the level of safety?


We believe that until there are humans instead of machines at workplaces, the safety level can be maintained and improved through the emotional commitment of the employees, exclusively.  The external coercive means fall down and neither reckoning, nor controlling or periodical trainings do not help.


Why we are different from others who provide behavior-based safetyimproving services:

  • We are not trainers, but EHS specialists, who—possessing practical experience of nearly a decade, learning from our failures and international successes—wouldlike to share knowledge.
  • We do not only follow international trends and methods, but we are aware of cultural differences between countries, as well, so we aim to create our programs according to these factors.
  • In the focus of the program, there is the humanand his targeted access, for which we find the way with the help of specialized psychologists.

We can support:

  • drawing up long-term strategic plans for establishing and improving EHS-conscious culture
  • sharing practical experiences for avoiding pitfalls of the process
  • EHS coaching for managers
  • EHS culture survey
  • organizing small group trainings (see at the trainings)
  • organizingEHS days
  • organizing EHS team competitions
  • organizingEHS campaigns


EHS coaching for managers

We experience several times that for an external pressure or an internal motivation, a firm intends to improve safety culture, which is impossible without committed leaders. Very often, leaders who are under the pressure of other operational tasks become overloaded by a change like that, and they are not prepared for handling it.  In word or in thought, some leaders do not feel his own responsibility and they do not wish to become an active part of this changing process, thus they consider it an unnecessary load on them. Other leaders perceive tasks and feel their meaning as well, they may be able to take time on solving them, but they do not find the way how to be an active partin the process.

As an EHS specialist, we can find several similar cases where we see that the leader needs support. As a part of our program, we do not transmit knowledge or organize trainings but we help the leaders find the way they can represent authentically.

Please contact our expertsfor further details.

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Organizing EHS days

One of the most important parts of establishing a safety culture is when we raise the employees from their usual environment, giving them new approaches to examine their own working environment, risks and tasks. These days should be considered EHS celebrations, because there is a possibility for reaching the employees in a focused, entertaining, but thought-provoking way, and at the end of the day we let them away with a special experience-package, that takes care of their safety commitment.

With the experience of organizing several EHS days we believe that a full and entertaining EHS day together with its experiences will stay memorable for the employees through the years.

Our programs consist of:

  1. Interesting classes in the mentioned fields
  2. Practical and interactive presentations
  3. Group ‘workshops’
  4. Films and documentaries
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Guidance

We have more than 100 tested programs for our customers.Upon request, based on the customer’s technology and processes, we are ready to plan and implement unique, individual programs, as well.

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Organizing EHS team competitions

According to our experiences, employees may be involved in EHS even deeper, if besides EHS days, we provide good opportunities for them to take part in improving the company’s safety culture and safe working environment through entertaining tasks during their everyday practice, on their own direct working area.

One of the best ways for it is to establish a competitive environment, where the members perform such tasks which support the improvement of their working environment, as well. By professional coordination, evaluation, public recognition of the winners, the workplace safety culture may be improved spectacularly. Team competitions take place all year round, teams have to work on campaign tasks, applying such solutions which help them involve the team members’ colleagues, as well. The target of the team competitions mustn’t contain to solve tasks otherwise compulsory, but they provide a good opportunity for keeping important topics in focus.

With experience in organizing and coordinating several team competitions, we kindly help in reaching the workplace safety targets set by the customer.

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EHS campaigns

Would you like to call your employees’ attention to a highlighted workplace safety problem? Would you like to involve them even deeper, taking the advantages of their experiences and knowledge? Would you like to increase the number of the reported, near misses and events, or do you only search for new tools and solutions for delivering EHS related messages?

We undertake organizing, coordinating, implementing campaigns alone or together with the customer as well, from the first steps; from creating the topic until closing the campaign and evaluating the results.

Contact our creative team so as to let us help in establishing and implementing the most effective campaign!

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