Energy audits

Energy audit ISO 50001
…onimproving energy efficiency

The inappropriate, obsolete engineering and technological settings result in several million Forints per year additional energy cost of your company. It may be avoided by discovering the wasteful energy black spots, while with conscious energy investments the loss of energy may be minimized.

We believe that an energy audit is more than a regulatory obligation. With the help of it, we can identify the energy losses of a company, and we can prepare specific investment proposals supported by return-calculations. Thus, the efficiency of the company keeps increasing, while energy consumption keeps decreasing.

Our company fulfills the regulatory requirements, it acquired the obligatory registration among the first entities in Hungary, furthermore, it possesses the required staff of certified auditors. If your firm is considered a stakeholder, or if you are only interested in rationalizing your energy costs, please, feel free to contact us!


  • Those joint-ventures which employ more than 250 employees or of which income is above 50 million Euros per year, which are obliged to register at the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority and it is obligatory to do an energy audit, in every four years,
  • Those dynamically growing companies which are likely to reach the above thresholds
  • Those not obliged companies, who would like to discover their energy consumption and to take a possibility of a more efficient energy consumption.


  • To give advice on the registration
  • To prepare a detailed audit plan according to the customers’ needs
  • To provide personal visual inspection by experienced auditor colleagues
  • To issue an energy auditing protocol in accordance with the regulations
  • To make a proposal for the improvement of the company’s energy efficiency
  • To introduce cost reducing measures
  • To maximize cost saving solutions
  • To announce the successful audit to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority
  • To provide contact and availability between the audits
  • To assess other individual needs


  • Expert team of mechanical-, electrical-, and environmental engineers
  • Several-year experience of auditing in multinational environment
  • Precision and professionalism
  • To make detailed energy-reducing proposals
  • To give help in realizing proposals

ISO 50001 certification

For improving conscious company energy consumption, a great solution may be the introduction of a standard, called ISO 50001 energy management standard. In the longer term, the introduction of the energy management system of this standard gives a frame for those developments and documentations, which guarantee optimal energy consumption of the company.

Our experienced, ISO 50001 internal auditor colleagues assess your company’s energetic baseline, and according to the items of the standard they give help in establishing the system and preparing for the certification.