Fire protection

The most important fire protection and disaster recovery regulations

The national law on fire protection, technical rescue and firefighting determines the essential fundamental tasks and responsibilities of every civil or legal entity or organization in Hungary.

From 2015, there is a separate statutory requirement on companies, to employ a person with specialized fire protection qualification in a certain hour per week.

Depending on the scope of activities, for companies, there may be several other industrial safety and disaster recovery regulations becoming relevant for them.

Furthermore, it often happens that in the insurance contract, the insurer of the economic operator determines additional requirements foremergency preparedness, which it supervises regularly.

What we provide…

We help determine and fulfill the requirements of fire protection rules and regulations while establishing new buildings or technologies, or converting and using the old ones, as well.

We make regular visits to the site to examine the fire protection and disaster recovery conditions.

While authority supervisions or on insurance audits we represent the operational activity on your site

Our services

  • To make fire protection usage rules and keep them up-to-date
  • To have regular fire protection on-the-spot visits and visual inspections
  • To make fire protection rules and keep them up-to-date
  • To make operational supervisions, and to prepare its documentation as well
  • To organize and implement periodical supervisions and maintenance
  • To prepare fire protection training materials and to organize trainings
  • To organize and conduct fire alarm practices
  • Official administration
  • To implement the tasks of industrial safety

Contact us if…

  • You would like to know about your tasks and responsibilities in the field of fire protection and disaster recovery,
  • You would like to know how well prepared your site is for an emergency
  • You think that construction and processes on your site do not meet the fire protection documentation 100%
  • The fire protection equipment and devices need checking and update
  • You would like to have real-life, customized emergency plans which you would like the employees and standby duty employees to practice (perhaps together with the disaster recovery staff)
  • We handle fire protection and disaster recovery tasks not only as a responsibility, but a basic requirement, which is the essential part of the company’s daily routine; thus, we intend to harmonize fire protection systems of the companies with their daily processes.