Andrea Kispal

  • Occupational safety and health technician
  • Fire safety technician – expert level
  • Environmental technician
  • Internal auditor (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001)
  • ISO system developer (ISO14001, ISO 45001)


  • Good time mangement
  • Considerate
  • Accuracy
  • Empathy, helpfulness
  • Reliability
  • Results orientation

My experience

  • I have gained work experience in small, medium-sized as well as large multinational companies.
  • Professional experience in analytics and microbiology laboratories (occupational, fire and environmental protection)
  • Work experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industries in a high-risk area (occupational, fire and environmental protection)
  • Handling of chemicals, preparation of risk assessments.
  • Establishment and operation of ISO systems (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001), organising and conducting audits
  • Risk assessments, preparation and review of traning materials, updating to current legislation

In my free time

  • Hiking with my family
  • Reading, going to theater
  • Practising yoga
  • Gardening

Why Pro-Mees?

I can make effective use of the knowledge I have gained so far and be able to continually evolve in a diverse, challenging environment. I can work as a member of a supportive team with extensive knowledge. I can broaden my professional horizon by working with the extensive clientele of the company.


István Szőcs

ADR safety adviser
EHS expert
lead auditor
Work safety engineer
environmental and hidrotechnologist


Balázs Megyeri

Environmental engineer
Occupational health & safety engineer
Fire safety lead instructor
ADR safety advisor
Occupational health & safety and environmental management system auditor
Security organizer


Edina Csepella

Certified environmental engineer
Occupational safety engineer


Fruzsina Homor

Environmental Engineering (BSc)
Occupational safety technician
Fire protection technician
Administrator of lifting machines
ADR Security Consultant


Katalin Szikszai

environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser
hazardous industrial administrator


Sára Smucz

Environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser


Vivien Tóth

MSc Environmental Engineer
BSc Expert in Applied Environmental Studies
Health and Safety technician
Safety adviser for the transport of dangerous goods