Andrea Kispal

  • Occupational safety and health technician
  • Fire safety technician – expert level
  • Environmental technician
  • Internal auditor (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001)
  • ISO system developer (ISO14001, ISO 45001)


  • Good time mangement
  • Considerate
  • Accuracy
  • Empathy, helpfulness
  • Reliability
  • Results orientation

My experience

  • I have gained work experience in small, medium-sized as well as large multinational companies.
  • Professional experience in analytics and microbiology laboratories (occupational, fire and environmental protection)
  • Work experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industries in a high-risk area (occupational, fire and environmental protection)
  • Handling of chemicals, preparation of risk assessments.
  • Establishment and operation of ISO systems (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001), organising and conducting audits
  • Risk assessments, preparation and review of traning materials, updating to current legislation

In my free time

  • Hiking with my family
  • Reading, going to theater
  • Practising yoga
  • Gardening

Why Pro-Mees?

I can make effective use of the knowledge I have gained so far and be able to continually evolve in a diverse, challenging environment. I can work as a member of a supportive team with extensive knowledge. I can broaden my professional horizon by working with the extensive clientele of the company.