Balázs Megyeri

When I’ve started my studies, I didn’t think that my career would be built around health & safety and environment protection (HSE), but as I delved into the topic, this profession became closer and closer to me and quickly became an integral part of my life and mindset.
I was able to satisfy my desire to learn and gain knowledge in a multinational environment that supports personal development, which enabled me not only to continuously expand my professional knowledge, but also to develop skills and competencies that help me lead multicultural, high-performance teams, develop company culture in a complex and regulated environment and achieve success in comprehensive organizational and operational transformation.

My job is not only my profession, but also my hobby, and I work every day to ensure that our customers receive unique, high-quality service that offers solutions to the HSE problems of the present age and the future. I believe that Pro-MEES Ltd.’s dynamically developing team, its collective competencies, and its innovative approach make it possible not only for me, but for everyone to realize their dreams and visions.


• Positive attitude – The glass is always half full for me.
• Teamwork – The road to our success leads through the success of our colleagues.
• Ability to learn and adapt – My creed is lifelong learning.
• Good communication skills – I can easily find common ground with everyone.


• Environmental engineer
• Occupational health & safety engineer
• Fire safety lead instructor
• ADR safety advisor
• Occupational health & safety and environmental management system auditor
• Security organizer