Edina Csepella


I studied at the Technical University of Budapest and graduated from environmental engineer in 2008.
Initially, I gained my professional experience as an environmental engineer at a multinational company. Meanwhile I was interested in health&safety area to, so in 2014 I started to study at Banki Donat University, and I got my 2nd diploma as a safety engineer.


For the past 5 years, I had continuously expanded my experience and professional knowledge. I have managed my EHS team, and I worked as an EHS manager at the same multinational company.
Most of my present work is in a multinational corporate environment from both the office and manufacturing areas.

In my free time

I like to go on a trip with my family and my dog, and reading books.


• Each partner has its own EHS-culture and working with them means a new challenge every time.
• My job is my passion and here I can devote all of my working time to it.
• My work is rich in professional challanges, in diverse environments,
• There is a good team, where human values count,
• It’s good to be a part of a team that can offer professional services in high quality