Fruzsina Homor


• Environmental Engineering (BSc)
• Occupational safety technician
• Fire protection technician
• Administrator of lifting machines
• ADR Security Consultant

My experience

I graduated in 2016 and I have been training myself ever since. As a freshman, I performed the duties of a safety coordinator during the construction of huge investments (stadium, shopping center, apartment house). Later, I was able to take part in the world of multinational and production-trade companies, and in the safety and fire protection activities of public institutions. I have consciously built myself since I was 20 to get here now. And now I consciously build myself to be where I will be in 10 years.

My strengths

For me, a professional challenge is an opportunity for development and not an obstacle. With my good communication skills, I quickly got to know people and it makes it easier to work together. I’ve turned around in many areas, relying on my experience to confidently face any issues. I am demanding of my work and I expect the same from others in return.

About me

In my free time I like to go on smaller to larger motorbike tours. If the weather is cold we have board game parties with family and friends. But I love go to the nature with my dog.

Why Pro-Mees?

Pro-mees is a wing assistant not only for partners but also for its employees. Here I feel like in a family where one always knows who to turn to if they need help.


István Szőcs

ADR safety adviser
EHS expert
lead auditor
Work safety engineer
environmental and hidrotechnologist


Andrea Kispal

Occupational safety and health technician
Fire safety technician - expert level
Environmental technician
Internal auditor (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001)
ISO system developer (ISO14001, ISO 45001)


Balázs Megyeri

Environmental engineer
Occupational health & safety engineer
Fire safety lead instructor
ADR safety advisor
Occupational health & safety and environmental management system auditor
Security organizer


Edina Csepella

Certified environmental engineer
Occupational safety engineer


Katalin Szikszai

environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser
hazardous industrial administrator


Sára Smucz

Environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser


Vivien Tóth

MSc Environmental Engineer
BSc Expert in Applied Environmental Studies
Health and Safety technician
Safety adviser for the transport of dangerous goods