István Szőcs

I spent nearly 9 years at one the biggest electronics companies in the world, then 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry, where, in multinational environment I acquired experience first as an expert, then as a professional leader.

As an EHS professional, I believe that learning and acquiring professional experiences should take us forward so as to make us ready for unexpected challenges. According to these principles, on the basis of my degree in engineering I acquired specialized safety engineer, environmental and hydrotechnologist, senior fire safety coordinator, ADR safety advisor and ISO 14001, 18001 lead auditor qualifications. Taking full advantage of the opportunities of a multinational environment, I took international POOL audit, ergonomic and REACH/CLP studies, while I met the basic principles of the theoretical and practical sides of the 6 sigma, LEAN and behavior-based safety programs, as well.

During my time, I had a possibility of managing such projects as establishing an environmental lab, planning and installing technology for a hazardous waste recycling center, introducing the LOTO system, building new halls, placing special technologies in service, modernizing fire and workplace safety systems and improving REACH and behavior-based safety programs. I am highly experienced in building workplace safety management systems, training and awareness-raising of employees, furthermore, managing risk assessment, exploration and correction.

In the field of EHS, while searching for new possibilities and solutions, my way was accompanied by international and Hungarian innovation awards and recognitions (GE Global Star 2002-2007, Global HSE award 2012, EU Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Award 1st prize, 2013, 2014.).

With the experience I mentioned above, the international studies I took and the several audits I managed, I decided on establishing a professional workshop that dares to think big without distortions and regards EHS challenges as new possibilities in the 21st century. For me, all of these things mean one thing, called Pro-MEES Kft., where, since 2012, as an owner and executive director I have been working on making my dreams come true.