Katalin Szikszai


  • Environmental Engineer (BSc and MSc level) :Szent István University
  • ADR consultant
  • ISO 14001 system developer
  • Platform administrator


  • Helpfulness
  • Logical thinking, pragmatic approach
  • Professional Dedication
  • Accuracy
  • good problem solving skills
  • team player
  • positivity

Professional experiences:

  • more houndred translation and revision on Safety Data Sheets
  • chemical storage system developement in multinational environment
  • ADR safety consulting by more than 30 multinational companies
  • environmental consultancy, ISO system developement
  • chemical, ergonomic and psychosocial risk assessment
  • one and half years of environmental analytical laboratory experience
  • EHS experience in multinational enviromnent
  • since 2012 i work as a consultant specialised on ADR, environmental protection and chemical safety.

In my freetime, I:

  • listen music, go to concerts,
  • breeding dogs,
  • cook with my friends, listen music and have doggy activities.

Why Pro-MEES?

  • is rich in professional challanges, in diverse environments,
  • is a good team, where human values count,
  • and because the professional developement is supported.