Vivien Tóth


  • MSc Environmental Engineer, Engineer of Technology specialisation, University of Szeged,
  • BSc Expert in Applied Environmental Studies, Waste Treatment and Disposal specialisation, University of Szeged,
  • Health and Safety technician,
  • Safety adviser for the transport of dangerous good


I would describe myself as being open-minded person. I allow myself to see things from other persons’ perspective. I consider this approach to be extremely important in my work as well. Protecting people at work is a very important task, so it is important to look at multiple perspective at once.

Further strengths

  • Goal-oriented, I try to set the right goals for myself and stick to them regardless of obstacles.
  • I am a quick learning person, who is receptive to learning new things.
  • High flexibility,
  • I like challenges.
  • I stay calm in all kind of situations.


  • Many years of experience in multinational companies in the field of EHS and ADR,
  • Experience gained in health and safety-, and environmental auditing,
  • Supervise the environmental remediation projects,
  • Preparing different companies to obtain ISO certificatio

Why Pro-Mees?

  • Opportunity to gain wide range experience,
  • Supporting team members,
  • Life-long learning opportunity,
  • Continuous challenges, constant motivation

István Szőcs

ADR safety adviser
EHS expert
lead auditor
Work safety engineer
environmental and hidrotechnologist


Katalin Szikszai

environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser
hazardous industrial administrator


Mónika Jenei

EHS consultant
ergonomical advise
ADR/ ADN safety adviser


Sára Smucz

Environmental engineer
ADR safety adviser


Éva Szőke

Environmental engineer
Work safety consultant