Who may be involved in it?

They are manufacturers, importers, final users and other entities and companies who pursue any kinds of activities with the chemical substances.

In accordance with the REACH regulation, you have obligations, if:

  • you manufacture or import chemical substances or mixtures of them;
  • you manufacture or import such a commodity (e.g. building materials, electronic accessories, toys, or vehicles) which are listed in the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)or which usage may cause the emission of them;
  • you process chemical substances or prepare products for final use or you operationally use these prepared commodities. In these cases, you are called ’downstream users’.

Manufacturer/importer:who manufactures or imports at least 1 ton of chemical substance alone or contained in a product, per year.

Manufacturer/importer/supplier of the commodity:who manufactures, imports or distributes commodities.

Distributor (retailers as well):who stores and distributes chemical substances alone or contained in a product.

Downstream user:who processes chemical substances or manufactures products for final use, or operationally uses these manufactured commodities.