Organizing EHS days

One of the most important parts of establishing a safety culture is when we raise the employees from their usual environment, giving them new approaches to examine their own working environment, risks and tasks. These days should be considered EHS celebrations, because there is a possibility for reaching the employees in a focused, entertaining, but thought-provoking way, and at the end of the day we let them away with a special experience-package, that takes care of their safety commitment.

With the experience of organizing several EHS days we believe that a full and entertaining EHS day together with its experiences will stay memorable for the employees through the years.

Our programs consist of:

  1. Interesting classes in the mentioned fields
  2. Practical and interactive presentations
  3. Group ‘workshops’
  4. Films and documentaries
  5. Exhibitions
  6. Guidance

We have more than 100 tested programs for our customers.Upon request, based on the customer’s technology and processes, we are ready to plan and implement unique, individual programs, as well.