Organizing EHS team competitions

According to our experiences, employees may be involved in EHS even deeper, if besides EHS days, we provide good opportunities for them to take part in improving the company’s safety culture and safe working environment through entertaining tasks during their everyday practice, on their own direct working area.

One of the best ways for it is to establish a competitive environment, where the members perform such tasks which support the improvement of their working environment, as well. By professional coordination, evaluation, public recognition of the winners, the workplace safety culture may be improved spectacularly. Team competitions take place all year round, teams have to work on campaign tasks, applying such solutions which help them involve the team members’ colleagues, as well. The target of the team competitions mustn’t contain to solve tasks otherwise compulsory, but they provide a good opportunity for keeping important topics in focus.

With experience in organizing and coordinating several team competitions, we kindly help in reaching the workplace safety targets set by the customer.