Establishing common storage systems of chemical safety

Usually, it causes our customers great concern to store their several types of chemical substances safely, under transparent and controlledconditions for the employees, as well.

As a part of the solution we offer, taking into the legal requirements developed by the German Chemicals Industry Association (Verband der ChemischenIndustrie, VCI) account and limiting it to the types of substances kept and used on the site, we prepare such a regulation for common storage, that may be a guiding principle for the onsite storages. As an aid, we prepare a simplified common storage table, which promotes easy access in a simple and clear way.

As a part of our service, according to the MSDS files we analyze the dangers of the substances stored, and considering these, we give the substances a distinguishing danger/storage code. This code may be indicated on the internal chemical substance label, helping the employees easier access.

Examining the lists of the chemical substances in each storage place, we prepare the rules of the common storage for each place.

We make a proposal for the appropriate storing methods and devices, considering the environment, fire protection and workplace safety requirements, as well.