Introduction and maintenance of management systems

Any management systems (ISO 14001, ISO 28001, ISO 50001)improve the efficiency of your company. With company management systems, you can decrease the operational costs of your company, you can make company processes more effective, that has a result in all levels.

Our experienced team may help you in the following issues:

  • ISO 14001 developing, introducing, pre-auditing, system monitoring of environmental management systems with the help of a leading auditor colleague who introduced and operated this system with success at several Hungarian multinational companies
  • ISO 28001 developing, introducing, pre-auditingand system monitoring of occupational health and safety management systems with an experienced leading auditor colleague
  • ISO 50001 system experienced colleagues undertake to examine your company’s energetic conditions and in accordance with the standard, they give help in full establishment of the system and prepare for the auditing process.


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