Development of behavior based culture

It is a usual experience that companies have certain EHS targets and expectations towards their sites, and for the support of reaching them there are certain temporary programs, trainings and target rates. With time, these will pass away resulting in serious stress in the hierarchy of the company. The main reason is that safety should not be considered as a target rate, as it should not be enforced.

Sustainable safety may be reached only if every employee speaks the same language in this field, if safety-conscious behavior build into the everyday activity in all levels, and if there is an atmosphere, accepted by everyone, where people are mindful of themselves and one another. Establishing this kind of culture takes time and it cannot be realized by one training; but we believe that our training may be a good and a strong base for starting a common way of thinking.

We organize this training after considering the needs of our customer and the results of our examination made at the customer on safety culture.


  • Professional basis of the EHS, and the internal management system
  • Importance of risk assessment, and the potential of that
  • Near miss reporting systems
  • Theory of accidents and human errors
  • Investigation of accidents and near misses
  • Root cause analysis
  • Appreciation of dangerous conditions and dangerous behavior
  • Intervention techniques
  • Observation and feedback techniques
  • EHS motivation

Target group: different levels of hierarchy, the whole staff