The purpose of the authorization process is to supervise the risks related tothe use of Substances of Very High Concern and to provide appropriate and gradual substitution of the substances with alternative substances while ensuring the correct operation of the internal market of the EU.

Substances which may be classified as SVHC substances, are:

  • carcinogens of 1A or 1B classification,
  • mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) substances, furthermore the very persistent and very bioaccumulative(vPvB) substances, as well
  • the substances—identified casually—which have such serious effects as they are considered substances of as a high concern as CMR or PBT/vPvB substances.

It is important to highlight, that against registration, the authorization process has no quantity limits, so it is valid for use of the substances irrespectively of the quantities.

Manufacturers, importers or downstream users of those substances which are found in the register of the substances subject to authorization, may apply for an authorization process. It costs: 50 000 euro/ substance, it is issued for a fixed period and a substitution plan is required for it.

This is why it is very important to identify SVHC substances so as to start substituting them,if possible.