EHS coaching for managers

We experience several times that for an external pressure or an internal motivation, a firm intends to improve safety culture, which is impossible without committed leaders. Very often, leaders who are under the pressure of other operational tasks become overloaded by a change like that, and they are not prepared for handling it.  In word or in thought, some leaders do not feel his own responsibility and they do not wish to become an active part of this changing process, thus they consider it an unnecessary load on them. Other leaders perceive tasks and feel their meaning as well, they may be able to take time on solving them, but they do not find the way how to be an active partin the process.

As an EHS specialist, we can find several similar cases where we see that the leader needs support. As a part of our program, we do not transmit knowledge or organize trainings but we help the leaders find the way they can represent authentically.

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